Vanguard provides staffing services to manage every aspect of the cryogenic gas processing facility including day to day plant management personnel , operators, maintenance/mechanical teams and Instrumentation and Control technicians.  Our on-site operations team works closely with an operations manager back in our office with direct access to the teams that engineered, designed and installed the plant making us the ideal partner for plant operations.

This direct engagement allows our customers to maximize ROI by greatly reducing downtime whether it be the avoidance of a potential outage altogether due to proactive monitoring and maintenance or by bringing the full resources of the Jasper Ventures family to bear to reduce an outage when it does occur.

We strongly believe the collaboration Vanguard allows between the owner, manufacturer, and operator provides our customers with an unmatched level of service and quality for their cryogenic plants.

Vanguard’s Services Include:

  • Operations – Our team is committed to providing our customers with the staff to deliver the highest quality service for the safe and reliable operation of Veritas designed plants.
  • Maintenance – Vanguard also specializes in maintaining the production facilities for our client to achieve optimal performance.
  • Performance Analysis/Enhancement – Our team keeps a diligent analysis of the stream compositions to verify that components match predicted design values and will work with customers to maximize the efficiency of the plant where possible.
  • Reporting – Vanguard will provide the customer regular readouts regarding the plants overall performance and throughput.